Duende Native Plug-ins Product Catalogue

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Duende Native Drumstrip    

Drumstrip takes drum sounds from ordinary and average to vibrant and exhilarating in a few quick, easy steps. 
US $15.00

Duende Native Essentials Bundle    

The classic SSL console sound for your DAW. This bundle includes the Duende Native EQ & Dynamics Channel (Read More) and the Duende Native Bus Compressor (Read More) plug-ins.
US $479.00

Duende Native Expansion Pack 1    

This expansion pack is primarily for those who already own the Channel and Bus Compressor plug-ins. It includes; Duende Native X-Verb (Read More), Duende Native X-EQ (Read More), Duende Native X-Comp (Read More), Duende Native Drumstrip (Read More), and Duende Native Vocalstrip (Read More) plug-ins.
US $919.00

Duende Native Expansion Pack 2    

This expansion pack includes the three plug-ins released in May 2014. It includes; Duende Native X-Phase (Read More), Duende Native X-ValveComp (Read More), Duende Native , and X-Saturator (Read More) plug-ins.
US $429.00

Duende Native Studio Bundle    

The Studio Bundle includes:  Duende Native EQ & Dynamics Channel (Read More)Duende Native Bus Compressor (Read More)Duende Native X-EQ (Read More)Duende Native X-Comp (Read More)Duende Native Drumstrip (Read More), and Duende Native Vocalstrip(Read More) plug-ins.
US $1,199.00

Duende Native Complete Bundle    

The Complete Bundle includes the full set of Duende Native plug-ins. It includes the EQ & Dynamics Channel (Read More), Bus Compressor (Read More), X-Verb (Read More), X-EQ (Read More)X-Comp (Read More), Drumstrip (Read More), Vocalstrip (Read More) X-Phase (Read More)X-ValveComp (Read More) and X-Saturator (Read More) plug-ins.
US $1,899.00

Duende Native EQ & Dynamics Channel    

The classic SSL Console Channel Strip with 4 band parametric EQ, Compressor/Expander/Gate, High Pass and Low Pass filters.Read More about the Duende Native EQ & Dynamics Channel .
US $329.00

Duende Native Bus Compressor    

The sound of the classic SSL Stereo Bus Compressor from the 1980's G Series analogue console delivered in plug-in form.

Read More about the Duende Native Bus Compressor .
US $329.00

Duende Native X-Verb    

Hardware quality Reverb processing in affordable plug-in form. X-Verb delivers the density, warmth, depth and stunning detail usually only found in top-end hardware reverb processors.
US $359.00

Duende Native X-Phase    

Frequency specific phase control: an All-pass Filter plug-in that offers the user manual control and high quality response.
Read More about Duende Native X-Phase .
US $329.00

Duende Native X-ValveComp    

Saturating valve style compression the SSL way; a fully-featured mono or stereo channel compressor with a full set of classic channel compressor controls and an added 'valve' emulation stage.
Read more about Duende Native X-ValveComp.
US $119.00

Duende Native X-Saturator    

Versatile analogue distortion circuit emulation; a stunning range of analogue style distortion effects.
Read more about Duende Native X-Saturator.
US $119.00

Duende Native X-EQ    

The essential EQ toolkit; a precise, transparent 10-band parametric EQ with nine different EQ flavours.
Read more about Duende Native X-EQ...
US $299.00

Duende Native X-Comp    

A sophisticated and extremely versatile stereo compressor that cuts through the mass of freeware and bundled plug-ins available with genuinely professional features, results and interface.
Read More about Duende X-Comp .
US $199.00

Duende Native Vocalstrip    

Vocalstrip solves the challenges of producing great vocal recordings with four processing tools carefully selected and calibrated to deliver great results every time.Read More about Duende Native Vocalstrip .
US $199.00

Pace iLok2 Software Authorisation Key    

Duende Native plug-ins use the iLok 2 copy protection system so you will need a Pace iLok 2 USB Software Authorisation Key to use Duende Native plug-ins. If you do not already have one you can buy one from SSL.
US $49.99